Analyse 30x faster than a conventional detector!

Nova SxD
The new Nova SxD is ideally suited to upgrade your diffractometer. Using state-of the-art silicon strip detector technology, the Nova SxD offers a high count rate detector for demanding applications where high dynamic range and rapid high quality data collection is required. The Nova SxD detector is maintenance free, not requiring any cooling or detector gas, and comes as a complete system with detector, power supply and interface software, making it immediately ready to use. The picture above shows the Nova SxD mounted in an eMMA XRD analyser.
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- All X-ray powder or polycrystalline diffraction analysis
- Phase analysis
- Non-destructive testing.

- Direct detection of X-rays
- High dynamic range
- Rapid data collection
- Excellent angular resolution
- No gas or cooling required
- Maintenance free.

- Exceptionally fast analysis; 30 times faster
- Increased throughput of samples
- Plug and Play retro-fit
- Gives your XRD a new lease of life
- Suitable to upgrade the GBC eMMA and various other diffractometers from Scintag, Rigaku, Siemens, Philips etc.

Why Upgrade
Many X-ray Powder Diffractometers have many more years of life left in major components like goniometers and X-ray generators. Often throughput demands and priorities have changed, but budgets have not. We can offer an economical solution to increase throughput, by a factor of more than 30, allowing you to collect your X-ray diffraction data in minutes, rather than hours.

Our experience
- More than 15 years of experience in X-ray Powder Diffraction
- Extensive expertise in upgrading and adapting new data collection and processing capability to existing systems
- Installation and commissioning
- Training of staff can be provided
- Sales support and service agreements are available for worry free operation.

It's simple to operate
- The SxD software connects to the detector by Ethernet
- Step size and scan parameters are entered in the SxD software
- The diffractometer software starts the scan normally
- Once the scan is started, the SxD starts collecting counts and displaying the data in real time
- When the scan finishes, the data is saved in CPI file format, as a simple text file.

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Download Nova Fact Sheet

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