From Blue Box to Turnkey Solution

FCT supplies, installs, commissions and supports the COSMA analyser and all necessary sample preparation and sample transport equipment to provide continuous on-line mineral analysis of clinker from the kiln and cement from the finish mills. FCT offers a scalable installation, with options ranging from the simple incorporation of the COSMA analyser into systems provided by an integrator or OEM contractor, to a fully integrated turnkey solution.

COSMA is supplied as a fully assembled unit in a dust proof and radiation proof cabinet, and includes the computer hardware and software to provide a complete mineralogical analysis of the cement material.

FCT supplies COSMA complete with:

  • External sample receiving hopper and level switches for plant control.
  • Internal sample handling and presentation system.
  • X-ray generator, X-ray diffraction tube and X-ray detector.
  • Rietveld analysis software installed on an industrial PC.
  • Fully enclosed cabinet.
  • Provision for interface with the plant using Modbus protocol.
  • Provision for local control via pull out laptop style screen and keyboard.
  • Pneumatic sample extraction and return system.

To maximise the cost-effectiveness of the installation, we look to the plant to provide:

  • Power supply
  • Detector gas to FCT specification
  • Sample return point
  • Sample return hose
  • Compressed air for pneumatic sample extraction system
  • Piping to and from the water chiller.
  • Heating and cooling system for COSMA room.
  • Water chiller.

Sampling, Sample Preparation and Sample Transport Systems
FCT customises the necessary engineering, supplies, and oversees the installation, and commissions equipment that takes, prepares and transports sample material for continuous, online analysis by COSMA.

Cosmo room cooler

FCT engineers and supplies equipment to sample clinker from the kiln discharge, from under the cooler grate or from the transfer point at the discharge of the bucket conveyor.

Included in the scope are the following items:

  • Clinker sampler.
  • Grinding mill for continuous sample preparation.
  • Sample return line with venturi for the analysed clinker sample.
  • Centrifugal fan to supply conveying air.
  • Electro-pneumatic control panel for controlling the sampling, grinding and sample return.

Installation COSMA room and cooler

FCT supplies cement sampling and conveying systems that are tailor engineered to suit the specific layout of our customer's plant.

Included in the scope are the following items:

  • Cement sampler.
  • Transport from sampler to COSMA.
  • Valves to control sample feed to COSMA.
Installations Leamington auger Installations Leamington Sampler

Integration with Other On Line Analysers FCT is able to integrate COSMA with other analysis equipment, both on line and laboratory systems. For example, a recent project incorporated an on line Particle Size Analyser (PSA), which is "bolted on" to the COSMA to continuously analyse both the mineralogy and the particle size distribution of the cement as it is leaves the finish mill. On another plant, COSMA, together a PSA and an on line raw material analyser, is used for total plant control, making shift testing virtually redundant. Many COSMA installations include sampling points for laboratory analysis.

Self Contained COSMA Room FCT can supply a fully self contained COSMA room to allow the plant to "plug and play" COSMA, together with other on line analysers and other equipment. All necessary ancillary equipment to support COSMA operation is included in the container. This includes the air conditioner, air filter and water chiller. Other analysers, such as a PSA, can be included, as can a composite sample point for laboratory samples.

Turnkey Support Services and Equipment
FCT provides technical and engineering services for the design and installation of clinker and cement sampling systems and ancillary equipment.

These services include:

  • Initial site survey to review installation and layout.
  • Installation drawings for sampler and return line.
  • Layout drawings of conveying line, cyclone and grinder.
  • Ancillary equipment, e.g. equipment shelter.
  • Project coordination activities with customer if required.

Installation COSMA room close

Installation, Commissioning and Training Services
FCT provides the following services if required by our customers:

  • Supervision of installation.
  • Advice on plant PLC and operator interface.
  • Commissioning and training in COSMA operation.

Installations Richmond install

FCT provides the following documentation:

  • COSMA Installation and Maintenance Manual including spare parts listing.
  • Specification of PLC program and program listing.
  • Layout and installation drawings of analyser shelter.

Service and Maintenance
FCT offers a service and maintenance agreement whereby our engineers will carry out regular service visits to inspect and check the COSMA system. In addition, FCT will monitor COSMA's analytical performance by modem as frequently as is needed to ensure valid analysis. During the initial stages of COSMA operations, such checks normally take place on a weekly basis. We provide regular reports to our customers on the integrity of the analysis being produced by COSMA.